Gardening - Jobs for the week

Enrich soil with compost where beans are going to be grown.

Be careful not to damage any emerging bulbs when forking over border soil.

Place forcing jars over clumps of rhubarb.

Take cuttings from greenhouse chrysanthemums.

Continue to dig over borders and vegetable plots to prepare ground for planting.

Improve drainage on heavy soil by mixing in plenty of gravel or sharp grit.

Move shrubs which have outgrown their allotted space.

Take cuttings from conifers.

In the greenhouse, winter-prune climbers such as passiflora and bougainvillea.

Sow slow-maturing bedding plants under glass including lobelia, petunias and antirrhinums.

Spray nectarine and peach trees to prevent peach leaf curl disease.

Start off greenhouse crops such as tomatoes and peppers either on a windowsill indoors or in a heated propagator, as they need a minimum temperature of 18C to germinate.