Gardening - Jobs for the week

A woman pruning roses PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.
A woman pruning roses PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.

l Give overwintered brassicas a high-nitrogen feed at the start of the growing season.

l In mild areas, sow short rows of early carrots for a succession of baby carrots in the summer.

l Cut back newly planted deciduous hedges of leggy plants such as hawthorn and privet.

l If sharp frosts are forecast, protect susceptible shrubs and trees by wrapping them in horticultural fleece or netting. Silver or grey-leaved plants such as cistus, halimium and the Californian poppy are at risk.

l Layer shrubs with low branches, either into pots or directly into the soil at the base of the parent plant, adding some compost to help retain moisture.

l Increase ground cover by digging up, dividing and replanting quick spreading shrubs such as Hypericum and periwinkle.

l Feed flowering greenhouse plants with a high potash feed like tomato fertiliser.

l Thin hardy annuals and vegetables sown in the open ground before they become overcrowded and compete with each other for light and nutrients.

l Prune any overhanging hedges, trees or shrubs that are encroaching on borders and will cast too much shade on most plants beneath.

l Plant hippeastrums in pots for late spring flowering, keeping them in a warm, humid atmosphere and watering sparingly until the buds appear.

l Plant ‘De Caen’ and ‘Saint Brigid’ anemones for flowering during the summer.

l Take hardwood cuttings of hardy climbers including jasmine and honeysuckle, choosing stems from wood grown the previous year.