Gardening Jobs for the Week

Saxifraga rosacea. PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.
Saxifraga rosacea. PA Photo/thinkstockphotos.

Be a gooseberry

Pick small gooseberries to thin out heavy crops, leaving the remaining fruits well spaced out along the branches to continue growing to a larger size.

Prune shrubs

Prune late spring shrubs like forsythia and broom after flowering.

Sow salad leaves

Continue to sow salad leaves, radish and spinach at intervals in late spring and early summer to ensure a continuation of cropping for the longest season possible.

Leave flowers to self-seed

Leave old flowers on some hellebores such as H. niger and H. orientalis to allow them to self-seed.

Spike soil

Regularly spike over border soil with a fork to alleviate compaction.

Cut asparagus spears

Cut spears of asparagus as they develop, using a long knife to sever them well below the soil surface.

Watch for frost

Be vigilant with tender crops like tomatoes and French beans, only planting out when all risk of frost has passed.

Prune euphorbias

Prune out old flower stems of euphorbias to provide more space for the developing stems.

Divide and conquer

Lift and divide primulas, polyanthus and forget-me-nots, digging them up and teasing them apart, ready for planting to grow on to a larger size.

Remove suckers

Remove suckers on fruit trees growing up from their rootstocks.

Lower mower blades

Gradually lower the height of the blades on your mower as grass growth gets stronger.