Gardening - Jobs for the weekend

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- Place canna lilies grown in pots in the greenhouse outside.

- Sow a few seeds of salad crops such as lettuce and radish every two weeks during summer for a succession of crops.

- Thin out heavy crops of gooseberries, leaving fruits well spaced out to continue growing to a larger size.

- Feed established lawns and continue to renovate damaged edgings.

-Remove blanket weed which is clogging up other aquatic plants.

- Sprinkle general fertiliser around flowering plants and shrubs

- Keep tying in the shoots of vigorous climbers such as roses and clematis.

- Prune clematis montana once flowering is over.

- Thin out hardy annuals to leave one seedling at least every 15cm (6in), or check on the packet for exact details of spacing.

- Cut back aubrieta and alyssum, almost to the ground, to encourage new growth.