Gardening - Jobs for the weekend

Check fruit trees, grafted ornamental trees, rhododendrons and roses for suckers and remove them by pulling them away from the root rather than cutting them.

Plant sprouting broccoli, Brussels sprouts and summer cabbage and discourage cabbage root fly by placing collars around stems.

Hang pheromone traps in apple and pear trees, if codling moth is a problem.

Continue to apply and refresh mulches to discourage weed and conserve moisture.

Make sowings of herbaceous perennials to create plants for the future at a low cost.

Harvest radish, baby salad leaves and first new potatoes.

Plant out sweetcorn in blocks of at least 12.

Don’t let your greenhouse overheat. Keep windows and doors open and provide shade with either a temporary white paint on the outside or shade netting inside.

Sow herbs such as basil and parsley every two weeks.

Tie in sweet peas while they become established.

Continue to tie in new shoots of climbers and wall shrubs.

Give topiary a quick trim.