Gardening - jobs for the weekend

Pernettya berries.
Pernettya berries.

l Rake and scarify lawns to remove thatch, moss and other debris.

l Finish picking ripened marrows and bring them in for winter storage.

l Pick off yellowing leaves of Brussels sprouts and harvest them when large enough.

l Collect plant supports and canes to store for winter.

l Fork over the soil between plants in established borders to loosen the surface. Remove weeds, then spread on a layer of well-rotted compost.

l Cut down marginal plants as their foliage dies back for the winter.

l Continue to order fruit trees, bushes, roses and shrubs to plant out over winter.

l Bring pots of tender bulbs including canna lilies and eucomis into the greenhouse for the winter.

l Prune out fruited stems from ‘Morello’ and other varieties of cherries.

l Plant tulips, setting them up to 15-20cm (6-8in) deep, where you want them to naturalise.

l Plant out spring bedding including wallflowers, forget-me-nots and primulas for spring flower displays.

l Lift dahlia tubers as soon as the leaves have been blackened by frost, clean off the soil, cut back stems and leave to drain before storing them in boxes of compost.