Gardening - jobs for the weekend

Fork over vacant ground in beds and borders to prepare it for planting, if the ground is not too wet.

Mulch asparagus beds and clumps of rhubarb with well-rotted manure or compost.

Add lime to acid soil where brassicas are to be planted.

Prune outdoor vines

Take root cuttings of Oriental poppies, phlox and verbascum.

Plant lettuces under cloches.

Position rabbit guards around the trunks of young trees if damage is likely.

Plant Jerusalem artichokes when the soil is neither frozen nor sodden.

Germinate seeds such as begonias and pelargoniums on windowsills indoors or in the greenhouse.

Cover the ground with cloches where early crops are to be sown, to warm up the area before the seeds go in.

Cut back newly planted cane fruits and complete pruning of established fruit bushes.

As cyclamen flowers go over, remove the stems by given them a sharp tug, which should remove the whole stem.

Remove any wet leaves or other debris clogging up herbaceous perennials.