Gas street residents need the ‘Word on the Street’

Newbyres Crescent, Gorebridge
Newbyres Crescent, Gorebridge

In September last year six people from New-byres Crescent in Gorebridge were treated in hospital after dangerous levels of carbon dioxide were discovered on the street.

Nine months on, residents still have more questions than answers.

That is why we have decided to launch our ‘Word on the Street’ campaign, putting these questions and queries to Midlothian Council. Each week we will submit your questions and continue to send them each week until we get answers to all of them.

Five homes had previously been evacuated before last week’s announcement that residents will have to vacate their homes in the coming weeks and months, while others wanted to leave the street but were told there was nowhere for them to go.

For months now I have visited the street to speak to residents about their fears and unanswered questions.

It’s absolutely shocking in this day and age that New-byres Crescent residents are scared to go to bed at night in case they don’t wake up.

Although more information has been provided by the council to locals in recent weeks, many important questions remain unanswered.

What exactly caused this outbreak of carbon dioxide? Is it only confined to the one street?

These and many more need to be answered quickly to reassure those living not just in the crescent, but in the surrounding Gorebridge streets.

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