Generous gift of an idea

Staff and students at Lasswade
Staff and students at Lasswade

Students and staff at a local high school have come up with a gift of an idea.

And as a result, nearly 1000 gifts will be making their way into the stockings of children living in poverty in Midlothian.

Helping add some extra festive cheer to Christmas morning for children and young people in need has been a joint effort at Lasswade High School.

Once the plan to collect gifts was launched, the initiative soon gathered steam, with pupils and staff donating gifts.

Even pupils with little money gave something, while others in a better position donated more generous gifts such as make-up, bicycles and even an Xbox.

The presents were collected on Monday and taken to Children and Family Support in Dalkeith, which will play Santa and distribute them to the families who need them most.

Pupils Lisa Polok and Katrina Innes explained why the school had taken on the project.

The pupils were given a presentation at assembly and were shocked by how many children are living in poverty through no fault of their own – 3.7 million in the UK – and they wanted to do something about it. The pupils say it makes them feel better about themselves as they know that it will make a child’s Christmas day more magical.

Lisa, of 3SA1, said: “I think that this makes me realise how lucky we are and we should be grateful for what we get.”

Katrina, of 3MK5, added: “Not only does it help the children but also the parents.”