Get ready for a TV rollercoaster


Four Rooms (Channel 4, Friday, August 23 , 8pm)

What’s It All About? This brilliant show may now be in its fourth series, but if you’re a first-time viewer of Four Rooms, it may take a while to adjust to this cross-breed of a telly effort.

Deal or No Deal-type gambling, but no short blonde hairy man? Antiques Roadshow-style ponderings, yet no yawn-inducing family histories to speak of? The mind boggles.

David Sonnenthal, Peter Ratcliffe, Tamara Beckwith, Gordon Watson and Raj Bisram are just some of the dealers featured in this series. They’re the best in the business; a batch of some of the UK’s biggest art dealers - and they have to pick their way through the public’s prized trash and put in various bids.

In this latest instalment, the dealers preside over a glove worn by boxer Rocky Marciano, a selection of Michael Jackson’s hats, a T-shirt worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and a clock that used to belong to none other than Elton John.

Look Out For: The cheeky bartering of the members of the public - it’s worth a few laughs.

Dealer Gordon Watson says: “It has been a roller-coaster of emotions.”