Get set for a touch of the blarney


The Graham Norton Show (BBC One, Friday, October 11, 10.35pm)

What’s It All About? The eponymous chat show host kicks off a new series, and some of the biggest stars in the world are lining up to take part.

First up is Harrison Ford, the Chicago-born carpenter/actor who has spent more than three decades as one of the planet’s most bankable thespians.

The original Star Wars movies; the Indiana Jones saga; cult hit Blade Runner; an Oscar nomination for Witness, and The Fugitive have all boosted his coffers over the years. After some recent flops, can new sci-fi adventure Ender’s Game, and recent US release Paranoia redress the balance?

That remains to be seen, but Harrison will be doing his best to ensure we rush out and see them.

Admittedly comedian and actor Jack Whitehall isn’t in the same showbiz stratosphere as Ford, but hit sitcoms Bad Education (which he also co-wrote) and Fresh Meat have been two of TV’s brightest attractions of recent years. He’ll be adding levity to the sofa-based shenanigans.

Look Out For: Music and chat from James Blunt. He performs new single Bonfire Heart, from his pending album, Moon Landing.