Girl can’t visit dad’s damp Dalkeith flat

A six year old girl can no longer visit her dad at the weekends as he claims the damp in his Dalkeith council flat is so bad it affects her asthma.

Unemployed Jamie Mabon (30), has stayed in temporary housing at Gibraltar Court for nine months, after he and his partner, care assistant Jennifer Logan (21),became homeless.

Jamie Mabon at his flat in Dalkeith

Jamie Mabon at his flat in Dalkeith

He said: “In May last year we notified the council about a leak in the living room. But they weren’t interested.

“Because my daughter suffers from severe asthma she can’t stay in a damp and mouldy house.

“The only time I can see my daughter is at my mum and dads. They have to put her up now and keep her.

“Our whole house is covered in mould. When it rains it’s a nightmare. As it’s just getting worse and worse. They don’t want to do anything about it, they keep saying they will get the roof fixed but that they are waiting on quotes.

“We put £20 in the heating but you are lucky if it lasts three days. We have to keep the heating on all the time as it’s absolutely freezing.”

The leak has now affected the property’s electrics.

Jamie added: “Last month the fire service came and fitted a fire alarm because there was water getting in to the electrics which affected all the alarms.

“At night time we have to walk about with a torch. There are no lights in the two bedrooms and the hall.

“It’s more the mould and the dampness that’s the problem. It’s now that bad, it’s created a mould on top of a mould. It goes from black to grey to white fluffy stuff on top of it.

“The council have said I could get a private let. I need a two bedroom, but there is no way I can afford that.”

A spokesman for Midlothian Council said that it will repair the roof of the property but did not mention the damp.