Give us a Hub campaign - Dalkeith councillors speak

Launching our ‘Give us a Hub’ campaign on May 15, we challenged local politicians to improve community facilities in Dalkeith.

Dalkeith councillors Margot Russell (Lab), Jim Bryant (SNP) and Alex Bennett (Lab) sent us this response.

“We refer to your article of May the 15th regarding the Woodburn (Dalkeith) Hub. We, the local Dalkeith councillors must reassure your readers that a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to establish a community hub in Woodburn and we as local councillors have been working tirelessly to ensure this project is brought to fruition. A significant amount of information and evidence is required to convince organisations to part with the hundreds of thousands of pounds required to build the facility and given the keen competition for such funds, it is important we get it right. Admittedly there were some delays in the past but these have now been resolved and the project had gained momentum since the turn of the year.

What do you think is the answer to Dalkeith’s woes? Email us your ideas on what facilities are needed and where a community hub could be located.

“Midlothian Council has engaged a consultancy group working with the Dalkeith Miners Club and supported by the Council, to take the project forward. The group, Community Enterprise is a highly experienced social enterprise involved in a range of community development programmes nationwide. The group is currently in the process of planning community consultations for the Hub, preparing surveys to establish what type of facilities people are interested in and is already putting the finishing touches on initial funding applications.

“The previous building (Dalkeith Community Centre) was not fit for purpose and there would never have been enough money to maintain it – the boilers needed to be replaced, the building did not have suitable disabled access and asbestos was present. In its place the people of Woodburn and the wider Dalkeith area will get a new purpose-built facility. Capital projects of this type always take time because of the criteria that needs to be fulfilled to obtain funding, but they are always worthwhile in the end. Midlothian Council is fully committed to ensuring that the people of Woodburn and Dalkeith get a facility they can be proud of and this means making sure that when a funding bid is submitted, it will be successful.”