Going green with Skoda

2010 Skoda Fabia vRS Estate
2010 Skoda Fabia vRS Estate

From pounding the nation’s motorways to being on a speeding train under the Channel, ‘my’ Fabia vRS has rarely had the opportunity to stand still.

To say that the time spent with Skoda’s green machine has been fast paced is something of an understatement. With its modest 178bhp the Fabia vRS might no longer be regarded as a genuine hot hatch – that bar has been raised to dizzying heights of late – but there’s nothing slow about this car.

That much I know from the many brisk weekend cross-country drives I’ve undertaken in the Fabia. In the dry it’s deceptively quick – the drivers of cars I’ve overtaken will no doubt confirm that. Crucially, though, you can do it safely and swiftly.

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