Going set to get tough for Midlothian Council’s leader

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Midlothian’s council leader is limbering up to put himself through the Tough Mudder endurance event in Dalkeith this June after more than a hundred people backed an Earth Hour climate change awareness event.

Councillor Owen Thompson (SNP) signed up for the 12-mile obstacle race on June 15 following the response to his challenge to the people of Midlothian.

He said: “I’ve been delighted with the response. Either there are a lot of people out there who want to see me fall flat on my face in the mud or people in Midlothian are genuinely concerned about climate change and the challenges facing us on this planet. I’m not going to worry too much about people’s motivation for doing the right thing.”

Councillor Thompson (36) admitted to some trepidation about taking part in Tough Mudder and is planning to get some training in before the event: “I’ve talked to a few people now who’ve done Tough Mudder and they’ve given me some great advice. I’ll be fine, I think.”

Local schools took up his challenge, with Bonnyrigg Primary School making up a number of the pledges he received. The school itself marked Earth Hour by switching off all non-essential appliances and lighting on March 28 at 11am for an hour as the culmination of a ‘switch off fortnight’ organised by a committee of pupils known as the Eco-warriors.

Teacher Susanne Lamb said: “It’s very brave of Councillor Thompson to put himself up for this challenge and I’m sure our eco-warriors will support him in doing Tough Mudder.”

Tough Mudder is a 12 mile, multi-obstacle race taking place at Dalkeith Country Estate in Dalkeith.