Golden memories for Tom and Evelyn

Tom and Evelyn Millar celebrate their Golden Wedding. Photo: Steven Scott Taylor
Tom and Evelyn Millar celebrate their Golden Wedding. Photo: Steven Scott Taylor

A husband and wife from Bonnyrigg recently celebrated 50 years of marriage with a family and friends get-together at the local golf club.

Tom and Evelyn Millar (both 74) were married on June 4, 1966. Tom is Bonnyrigg born and bred, while Evelyn is originally from Joppa. The couple have lived in Bonnyrigg since they were married, moving to their current Pendrich Grove home in 1972.

Recalling their wedding day, Tom said: “We went to Mackies restaurant on Princes Street for the reception. Then we went to St Phillips in Portobello and were married by Reverend Willie Nicholson.

“It was a good day. It was a windy day. For the photos outside, everybody’s hair was blowing all over the place!

“It’s happy memories though, good memories.

“A lot of pals and buddies were there from the youth fellowship of Cockpen Church and Lasswade Rugby Club.”

The couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with friends and family at Broomieknowe Golf Club.

“It was a good night. It went well. I think everybody enjoyed themselves. We had 33 people there, family and friends”, said Tom.

“A fine occasion.”

Tom recalled how he first met his wife in 1963.

He said: “I worked as a service engineer in a garage at Portobello, and Evelyn worked in the accounts department.

“I asked her out, and the rest is history.

“I worked there for 14 years then moved on to Guardian Royal Exchange Insurance Group in Edinburgh as a motor engineer assessor for assessing damaged cars.

“I worked there for 26 years, before retiring in 2004.

“I’m enjoying retirement. I spend a lot of time at Broomieknowe Golf Club. I’m there twice a week. Evelyn enjoys the garden.”

And the secret to a long and happy marriage?

“Just say yes”, joked Tom.

“Well, it’s a bit of give and take to be honest.

“We have had a very happy marriage really.

“We have two daughters, Diane and Lynda, and two grandchildren, Lucy and Scott. They keep us very busy. Lucy is getting married in September.”