Gorebridge cat owner recalls pet’s death

Poisoned cat Bootes, at Edgelaw Farm Livery near Gorebridge
Poisoned cat Bootes, at Edgelaw Farm Livery near Gorebridge

The owner of a cat mysteriously poisoned has told the Advertiser of the heartbreaking moment eight month old Bootes died in her arms.

Hayley McEwan (24) of Edgelaw Farm Livery near Gorebridge, found Bootes fitting and unable to walk on October 1 last year after ingesting banned highly toxic pesticide Carbofuran.

She said: “I was showing a client around our yard then I went to put the light on in a little undercover area when I spotted her. She was paralysed from her hips down.

“I got her wrapped up and contacted the local vets but she passed away in my arms.

“I was very shocked. My heart just sank. We couldn’t have done anything. As soon as she swallowed the poison she had no chance. It’s made to kill. There has been extensive searches but nothing has been found as we don’t use anything like that. I just don’t know how that’s come about, we are out in the middle of nowhere.

“Now we are worried for our other animals.”

Hayley revealed that the death has affected Bootes’ brother Pablo.

She said: “It has really affected him being on his own. They were both friendly cats and would approach anyone.

“They were always together, so had the poison been placed on the ground they would have both had it.

“So we have now got two more cats to keep him company. But it is always a worry that there is more poison.

“Hopefully the appeal helps us find out where it came from and gives us a bit of closure.”

Anyone with information is being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.