Gorebridge residents’ fears

Newbyres Crescent, Gorebridge.
Newbyres Crescent, Gorebridge.

“Gutted” residents fear they will be left out of pocket under council plans to move them from their homes to demolish the street.

Dawn Hamilton, who cares for two children with special needs, lives in a four bedroom home on the street.

She said: “I’m gutted, but there is nothing we can do about it. I mean, what does demonstrable detriment mean?

“The residents are going to be out of pocket by hundreds of pounds. Everybody here is more gutted and they are sick to the back teeth that we are not getting like for like.“I think we should get all these costs, it’s not our fault that we will be moved out of our house. It’s a disgrace, I just think it’s disgusting.”

Midlothian Council said: “We appreciated that none of this is the fault of any tenant and will do all we can within the law to support them in moving to alternative suitable new homes.

“There are two main ways in which financial support will be available- disturbance payments and home loss compensation. Each situation will be dealt with on an individual basis and we encourage tenants to visit our site office at 12A Gore Avenue and we are planning more face to face visits to every home this Friday. Alternatively tenants can call us by phone on the numbers they’ve been given. We’re currently arranging a comprehensive survey of all of the properties and are grateful to residents for their assistance in this necessary process, which is aimed at ensuring any claims are dealt with properly and legally.”

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