Gorebridge woman’s healing hands kept busy in Sarajevo

Mary Macfarlane with a patient in Sarajevo
Mary Macfarlane with a patient in Sarajevo

A Midlothian therapist has returned from a gruelling two weeks in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo treating 70 survivors of the Balkan conflict.

From 1992 to 1996 Sarajevo suffered a prolonged siege, during which 12,000 people were killed including 1,600 children, with five times as many wounded.

Working with British charity Healing Hands Network, Mary McFarlane (55) from Gorebridge recently returned from a demanding two weeks in the Bosnian capital where she provided Bowen Therapy to 70 people.

Carrying out treatments both in the Healing Hands Network clinic in the city centre and in outreach clinics in the still war-torn city suburbs, Mary’s ten hour working day proved to be a real test of her skills and stamina.

She said: “The buildings of the makeshift clinics in the outskirts of the city had walls and windows that were still bullet-ridden.

“Everything was unfamiliar and with little communication I had to completely trust in my skills and intuition to treat people.”

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