Group gets to the heart of the matter

Community council members with a defib machine
Community council members with a defib machine

Newtongrange Community Council is hoping to speed up its plans to provide public access defibrillator machines in the village.

It has been discussing funding and locations for the life-saving equipment for around a year, and now hopes to turn its plans into a reality.

Speaking at thes group’s latest meeting, Jason Ferry, chairman, emphasised the need to push forward with the plans.

He said: “The longer we delay, the longer we are risking our ability to deliver this.

“There is one defibrillator at the football ground and one at the swimming pool.

“But there are none available in the village outwith the opening times of these places that are accessible to the public all day every day.

“I have got two sites to suggest – outside the old police station or Newtongrange Library. It will cost about £1,200 each. That includes the cabinet to keep it in.”

Although the community council hopes to provide the village with two machines, Mr Ferry was keen to purchase one now and look at a second once the funds are available.

He said: “I suggest that at this time we buy one, get it installed, and then look at what funding is available to purchase another one for the community.

“We have the finances for one. Buying two ourselves just now is certainly not affordable.

“There are lots of options available to us regarding funding a second one another day.

“At least if we get one just now it increases the safety of the village.

Fellow Newtongrange Community Council member, Ron Campbell, explained the funding options available for a second defibrillator.

He said: “The British Heart Foundation would give us a grant. We should go ahead and ask them for grant funding for a second defibrillator. There were a number of funding streams which I looked at.”

Newtongrange Community Council agreed to purchase one defibrillator as soon as possible and look into funding options available for buying a second defibrillator.

This follows the Advertiser’s ‘Appeal From The Heart’ campaign, encouraging local groups to get defibrillator machines.