Group reveals vital locations

Have a Heart campaign
Have a Heart campaign

Penicuik Community First Responders has produced a comprehensive list of premises which have life-saving defibrillators.

The First Responders area a group of volunteers trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service who respond to medical emergencies while the ambulance is on its way.

Local businesses and organisations which have a defibrillator within their premises include the Fitness Education Academy (54-56 Clerk Road, Penicuik); Penicuik Cricket Club; Penicuik Athletic Football Club; Penicuik Rugby Club.

Penicuik Medical Centre; Eastfield Medical Centre; Penicuik Leisure Centre; Penicuik Town Hall; Beeslack High School; Ladywood Leisure Centre.

Magliveras Dental Practice, The Square, Penicuik; Glencorse Golf Club; Ballantine Dental Practice, John Street, Penicuik.

The list also includes defibrillators in nearby communities - the VW Van Centre, Bilston; Original Hotel, Roslin; Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin; Asda Straiton and IKEA Straiton.

The First Responders are keen to raise awareness of the locations of defibrillators.

A spokesman said: “When someone collapses from a cardiac arrest, shocking the heart back into rhythm with a defibrillator as soon as possible is vital to increase the chances of survival – after calling 999 and starting chest compressions.

“Yet most people have never seen one other than on television, and fewer still would know where to locate a defibrillator within their community.”

The First Responders respond to around 30 999 calls a month with an average response time of around five minutes. Early intervention can increase a person’s chance of survival.

The group is keen to attract more volunteers for Mondays to Fridays, daytime and evenings. For more information contact Beeslack Community Education Department, on 01968 673893.