Happy ending to dog’s tale

June McPhillips and 'Alfie' who went missing last week but was rescued by locals.
June McPhillips and 'Alfie' who went missing last week but was rescued by locals.

A LOCAL dog charity has thanked the people of Mayfield and Newtongrange for their help and support in the dramatic recapture of a runaway Spaniel.

The young Springer Spaniel – Alfie – bolted from his Newtongrange foster carers after being spooked while out on a walk on Wednesday, October 24, and was outside for three long days and three cold nights.

Gwen said: “We managed to locate him on Friday – he was at the top of Mayfield, at about 8am.

“He was still very frightened, so it was difficult to get him. He was just too nervous.”

Although members of the public and volunteers couldn’t recapture Alfie, they waited nearby out in the cold to keep an eye on him.

“We set up a bed and food where we knew he had been to try and attract him in,” explained Gwen.

“Then we got him on Saturday morning, in a field behind Lilac Avenue. He was very tired and hungry so we were able to lure him into the corner of the field and we used a blanket and a lead to catch him.”

After a traumatic few days, Alfie was immediately checked by the vets.

Gwen was quick to thank all the locals for their help in finding Alfie.

She said: “We had searched on Wednesday night, all day Thursday and put posters up in Newtongrange, Mayfield and Newbattle.

“Quite a lot of volunteers helped us, especially on Saturday. The folk of Mayfield were fantastic. We posted on ‘What’s on in Newtongrange’ Facebook page and our page, we had lots of people get in touch. One lady offered her house and another brought us hot soup and tea, they were just fantastic.

“It was incredible just for a dog. Folk were phoning and texting to ask how he was and how they could help. There must have been at least 50 people helping, which is just astounding.”

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