Harry Hill is back for more laughs

Harry Hill in Professor Branestawm Returns (BBC1, 5.20pm, Thursday December 24)

Harry Hill is back as the absent-minded professor with the multiple spectacles, who believes his money troubles are over when Lady Pagwell dies, leaving a substantial sum to fund local inventing.

However, scheming local councillor Harold Haggerstone insists on holding a competition to decide who gets the money – and that’s when a rival turns up – the self-proclaimed greatest inventor in the world, Professor Algebrain.

To make matters worse, Branestawm has been neglecting his young assistant Connie – and now she is working with his rival.

Doctor Who (BBC1, 5.15pm, Friday, December 25)

The gallivanting Gallifreyan is reunited with his long-lost wife, River Song.

The return of Alex Kingston as the sassy traveller is always a welcome sight, but will the Doctor be as pleased to see her as the viewers at home? Probably not. He is in a really grumpy mood, determined to avoid anything remotely Christmassy.

But when he answers a distress call asking for his help, he is recruited by River for a fast and frantic chase across the galaxy involving a monarch in a bad mood and a giant robot bodyguard with attitude.