Have your say on Damhead


Do you live in Damhead? Do you have opinions about local services, transportation, and the environment?

What do you think about local opportunities for children, young people and adults? Do you want to get more involved in your community?

Midlothian’s Community Learning and Development, its regeneration team and the local community council want to hear from local people about what makes the area a good place to live in and what could make it better. This is part of the development of a neighbourhood plan for the area.

There is a meeting for local residents in Loanhead Primary School tomorrow (Saturday)y between 11am and 3.30pm so views can be aired.

Councillor Owen Thompson, cabinet member for community planning, said: “We sent out a questionnaire last year to ask local people to tell us what kind of future they wanted for the area. This event is really about putting flesh on the bones and discussing the key priorities and themes that came out of that paper exercise. I’d urge everyone in the area to come along.”

To find out more, contact Midlothian Council’s Regeneration Development Team on 0131 271 3199.