Have your say on Loanhead school plans

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Midlothian Council would like to hear the views of Loanhead people about how the replacement for Paradykes Primary School can best meet their needs.

The council is asking residents to fill in a short survey about what facilities they would like incorporated in the new building.

Locals have just over a week to have their voices heard.

What local people tell the council will help inform further consultations planned in the coming months.

Councillor Bob Constable (SNP) said: “We do have funding for a primary school and this could provide a platform for developing a larger combined community facility, however this can only be determined following consultation with the community to establish if there is an appetite for such an approach.

“Our officers have already been meeting with local groups in order to establish the community views on what facilities they would like to see any new building offer. Only once we have been through this process of listening to the community will we know more about how best to capitalise on this fantastic opportunity for Loanhead.”

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government announced £10 million of funding to replace Paradykes and Roslin primary schools.

However, the Advertiser reported concerns in the community at the lack of consultation.

The council survey runs until Monday, November 17. You can fill it in at www.midlothian.gov.uk/paradykes-survey