Healing hands for Midlothian babies

A woman from Roslin has been making life easier for new parents by teaching them how to massage, soothe and connect with their babies.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 8:05 am
Claire Houston who runs Baby & Child Massage classes in Midlothian.

Claire Houston of Baby and Child Massage, has been passing on her knowledge and healing hands to new parents in Midlothian since staring her classes last September, helping make life easier for them as well as their babies.

She said: “Babies relax, parents relax – it is the most wonderful class to be part of.

“Baby massage can relieve colic and gas, ease growing pains, soothe teething pains, reduce crying, improve bonding, the list goes on.

I’m a certified infant massage instructor teaching the International Association of Infant Massage curriculum. I’m also a Massage in Schools Programme Instructor. And I’m a mum of three children – who all have their own bespoke massage every night.”

As well as teaching new mums these skills Claire also helps them find their feet.

She said: “Mums often come to my classes with six week old babies – my class can be the first group they’ve been to as a mum.

“It’s a real privilege to watch them grew in confidence during a five week course. My classes always include plenty of opportunities to chat and learn from other mums.

“Each week I lead a discussion on various topics like coping with challenging evenings and the ‘witching hour’, or inviting mums to share their new mum achievements.

“I conclude every session with the reading of positive affirmations. Feeling listened to and supported is so crucial for nervous new mums.

“There’s often a sense of pressure to do things ‘right’ but through these kinds of groups mums realise they are all doing things differently and doing the right thing for their baby and their family.”

Claire has also started running sessions on Saturday mornings for dads to learn some baby massage too.

She said: “These sessions are mum-free zones, though mummies stay close at hand if they need to feed baby during the class.

“The dads’ class also includes discussions and I’ve listened to some really honest comments about dad-guilt and feelings of helplessness when mums are struggling.

“By sharing and talking with other dads, these men realise that they all feel the same way and can offer support, empathy and encouragement.

“The positives are also celebrated and I love hearing dads describe their favourite things about being a dad, or telling the group the first thing they noticed when they met their baby.”

To find out more about Claire’s classes go to clairehoustonbabymassage.com.