Legal high warning to aid public safety

legal highs
legal highs

A warning has been issued to the public in the wake of a number of incidents involving New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

Senior public sector officials are highlighting concerns about community safety and public health in relation to so called “legal highs”.

The officials have raised fears over greater incidences of aggression, chaotic behaviour and infection associated with intravenous use of the substances.

Deputy Director of Public Health for NHS Lothian Jim Sherval said there was evidence of an increase in infections related to intravenous use across Edinburgh and some associated cases in East, Mid and West Lothian.

Councillor Owen Thompson (SNP), chairman of the Midlothian Community Safety Partnership, said: “Having recently been involved in raising awareness of NPS at road shows across Midlothian, we’re keen to reiterate these warnings. We want to spread awareness of the risk of these types of drugs and the dangers of mixing them with alcohol.

Police Superintendent Matt Richards said: “We are also genuinely concerned about the information that NHS colleagues have shared with us.

“Our message is simple: don’t take NPS and if you have and see any signs of infection, speak to a healthcare professional immediately.”