Taking ‘me time’

PA Photo/Handout
PA Photo/Handout

Give yourself the gift of wellbeing this Mother’s Day. Experts share their personal tips with Abi Jackson - and show that you don’t need fancy spas and endless spare time to boost the feel-good factor.

:: Dr Sam Christie is a nutrition expert for Nature’s Best (www.naturesbest.co.uk) and has two kids, aged eight and three.

“My go-to relaxation indulgence is a twice-weekly, relaxing, essential oil body massage. Utter bliss. The children call it ‘pongy’ bath night! Combine relaxing essential oil in your hands before massaging slowly into the neck, shoulders and soles of your feet. A full body massage is even more sumptuous if you have more time after a bath.”

:: Natascha Mozley is a knitting expert at Love Knitting (www.loveknitting.com) and mum to a nine and 15-year-old.

“Knitting is my ‘me’, and my ‘me and them’ time. Knitting allows me to switch off and unwind once the children are in bed, and the time I’ve spent teaching the children to knit is equally valuable - they’ve benefitted in a number of ways, from improved maths skills to better focus and concentration too.”

:: Danielle Collins is a world-leading Face Yoga coach (www.faceyogaexpert.com) and is a mum to 17-month-old Lucia.

“Allow yourself just 20 minutes a day to help revitalise a tired mind, body and face. Yoga and Pilates are great choices as they help to tone, sculpt and relax your body whilst helping you feel calmer and more energised. I also take 10 minutes to do some Face Yoga to help smooth, lift and detox my skin. Make this a daily habit - and never feel guilty taking this little bit of time each day to look after you!”

:: Lucy Paltnoi is an intuitive consultant and energy healer, specialising in working with mums and babies (www.lifeisenergii.com). She has a 14-month-old daughter.

“A quick five-minute meditation during my baby’s morning nap centres me for the day ahead. I find the best methods are simple and quick. Seated on a chair with my back supported, I set a timer, close my eyes and take three deep breaths to a count of three. I then gently let my mind still itself. Afterwards, I feel calm, re-energised and focused. Meditation also helps lower blood pressure and improve brain function. It’s free and a great way to reclaim time for yourself on a daily basis.”