Help mining museum add new attraction

Mining museum guide John Anderson in the undercroft
Mining museum guide John Anderson in the undercroft

One of Midlothian’s biggest tourist attractions has set up a crowdfunding page to raise money to open up more of its historic site.

National Mining Museum Scotland, based at the former Lady Victoria Colliery in Newtongrange, needs to raise £10,000 to open the undercroft to the public.

The museum’s marketing officer Gillian Rankin said: “We have got this area under the museum which has never been open to the public, except on doors open days.

“We need about £10,000 of work done to get under there and open it up to the public permanently.

“It’s all arch brickwork. The trains used to come through and take the coal to the Borders or to the docks at Leith. It was a very busy place. A lot went on there.

“Out guides are keen to get down there and tell the story of the undercroft. It’s just lain derelict for 35 years.

“I think it would be a big attraction. I reckon by autumn time the tour would be open, if we get the money of course.”