Helping hoarders let go


The Hoarder Next Door (Thursday March 6, Channel 4)

Where would you find some novelty bottle openers, old comic books, possibly an unused kitchen sink, and even more possibly the odd rat? In a hoarder’s living room of course.

There have been a number of programmes about the obsessive disorder finding their way into the schedules lately - presenter Jasmine Harman quite openly discusses her on-going battle with her hoarder mother - but this series, back for a new run, looks into sufferers’ cluttered lives, as well as their quests to cure themselves with the help of a six-week treatment plan.

Michelle and her husband are first up in this new series, and they know they need help, and fast - but not to worry; psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and his team of tough-talking de-clutterers are on hand.

The couple’s back garden is home is to 31 rabbits as well as several dogs, guinea pigs and chickens, and inside, their house is full of clutter with so little space, they have resorted to eating meals on their bed.

Meanwhile, Carl’s collection of Buddhist statues and Gemma’s love of SpongeBob SquarePants is taking over their home.