Historic building revamp

Restoration works at Dalkeith’s historic Cross Keys Hotel are under way.

The High Street property dates from 1804 and is an important listed building which has lain empty for a number of years.

It was recently bought by new owners, who obtained planning permission with listed building consent to restore and convert the building to commercial use on the ground floor with flats above.

Grant aid has been awarded towards the repair and restoration of the building.

A total of £629,457 has been spent revamping the former coach house.

Almost half of this was secured through the Dalkeith THI (Town Heritage Initiative) scheme.

The scheme also involves a new three storey extension at the rear for an additional six flats to replace the more modern rear additions to the original building.

THI manager Rod Lugg explained: “These single storey rear buildings were in a poor state of repair and were suffering from an extensive outbreak of dry rot. The dry rot had also broken into the ground floor of the original building and had effectively destroyed the timber floor and ground floor windows.

“The repair and restoration scheme is designed to retain as many original features as possible. All the stonework on the front elevation will be repaired and new stone provided to match.

“An archaeological survey has been carried out on the building as it is Grade B listed and this will assist in the restoration work as well as giving us more information about the history of the building.

“Work has exposed an interesting fireplace in one of the rooms on the ground floor just to the right hand side of the main entrance.

“The contractor and the architect are puzzled by this as there is no evidence of a chimney at this point – it must have been part of the original part of the building that has been altered over time. Taking down the render on the gable facing Duke Street has revealed two fireplaces in the wall, which were part of the building that used to abutt the Cross Keys.”