History in the remaking for Dalkeith’s Tolbooth

One of Dalkeith’s oldest buildings, the 17th Century Tolbooth, has been re-opened by the Duke of Buccleuch, following the completion of a £220,000 six month repair and restoration project.

Situated at 176-180 High Street, the Tolbooth, which was the focal point of the town from medieval times until the 19th Century, was in need of urgent repair as hard cement render and mortar pointing had badly damaged the front and rear of the building.

Refurbished Tollbooth at 176-180 High Street, Dalkeith

Refurbished Tollbooth at 176-180 High Street, Dalkeith

The restoration was carried out under the Dalkeith THI/CARS (Townscape Heritage Initiative and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme) grant programme.

Rod Lugg, who as project manager has helped secure £3.5 million funding to restore prominent town centre properties, said that the Duke’s coloured nails had raised a few eyebrows at last Wednesday’s opening ceremony: “It was noticed that they were yellow, blue and green, and someone asked if he needed counselling.

“People were whispering about the nails, but as the Duke himself explained in a speech afterwards, he’s had them painted for a number of weeks as it helps him generate money for an African charity.”

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