Hollywood horror comes to Midlothian

Actress Louise Linton on the set of Cabin Fever 2
Actress Louise Linton on the set of Cabin Fever 2

Plans for a Hollywood horror movie set in Midlothian have kicked into gear with the announcement that filming is to begin later this year.

The currently untitled ‘Scottish Horror Story’ will be shot on location at Melville Castle in Lasswade, with other scenic locations throughout the country also playing a part in the silver screen project.

Actress-turned producer Louise Linton, who was raised at Melville, said: “Scotland has so many incredible and majestic locations that haven’t been seen on film before.

“The landscape is magical and makes an ideal backdrop for many kinds of films.

“It’s remarkable that more films haven’t been set there as there is so much on offer.

“Even the weather can be a huge plus, especially for the horror/thriller genre where LA’s endless summers can be a problem when you need clouds or rain to set the tone of a film.

“The country has been under-utilized in film and while I’m excited to be using locations that haven’t been seen on film before, I hope this movie will encourage other film makers to shoot there.”

Louise also spoke of her passion for giving local home grown talent the chance to break into the world of movies.

She said: “I think there’s a lot of talent in Scotland both behind the camera and on screen and I want to encourage local film makers and support the Scottish film industry as a whole.

“The main cast will include a couple of major stars from the United States, but also features a lot of local actors in key roles.

“We will be approaching some established Scottish actors but we will be holding castings in Edinburgh later in the year for other roles.

“We are hoping to discover some great local talent.”