Horror tales from rat-infested street in Mayfield

Residents on Langlaw Road
Residents on Langlaw Road

Residents in a rat-infested Mayfield street say they feel nobody will help them tackle the rodent problem that “will just not go away”.

Langlaw Road resident Jackie Drummond (52), a psychic, said rats have been a problem for years and that it gets worse when there is local flooding – another big issue for the street.

Ms Drummond revealed some of the horrors facing local residents : “People are knocking on my door telling me there are rats in the buckets, on the street, everywhere.

“One lady told me her cat had been bitten by one. Someone else told me a rat jumped out of their wheelie bin at them.

“When I was walking my dog last week my dog actually killed one of the rats. But it is still lying there. Even though I’ve told Environmental Health.

“I phoned Midlothian Council and they came out and put bait in my garden, but it cost me £53. People don’t have the money to pay that.”

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