Hue and cry over Dalkeith library

Dalkeith Library & Arts Centre that has been painted turquoise
Dalkeith Library & Arts Centre that has been painted turquoise

Is it turquoise or is it green, more likely blue or aquamarine?

One thing’s for sure – whatever colour the Dalkeith Library and Arts Centre building has been painted, the whole town is talking about it.

Within a few hours of posting a photo on the Advertiser’s Facebook page, we had more than 40 responses.

Although the ‘interesting’ matt finish has been well-received by at least a couple of locals, it is clear that the majority are yet to be convinced.

And Midlothian MSP Colin Beattie (SNP) thinks it looks cheap and nasty: “At a time when we are trying to upgrade Dalkeith’s town centre, it is disappointing that such an extraordinary and inappropriate colour would be selected. The colour scheme conveys no sense of regeneration or joined-up planning.

“I call on council officers to think again and importantly consult the local community on such a key site.”

Council Leader Bob Constable (SNP) explained why the unusual colour was chosen: “It was to differentiate the arts centre from the rest of the buildings in the area and make a statement about the creative activities which take place there.

“The blue was taken from the crest of arms on the outside of Midlothian House, on which the lion on the arms is the same shade of blue.

“We have had a number of people comment on how much they like the colour and that the make-over brightens the area up. There are plans to paint the other side of the building in the near future.”

Read full story in the February 7 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.