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Television - what’s worth watching on Friday, May 13?

Food Detectives (BBC2, 7.30pm)

Alice Roberts carries out an experiment to test the claim that chilies can help a person lose weight.

In a sealed chamber a volunteer eats a meal containing chilli and one without and over the course of nine hours their metabolic rate is monitored to reveal any difference in the burning of calories.

Chef Tom Kerridge travels to Dunoon in Scotland to help a viewer cook the perfect steak, while Sean Fletcher examines nutritional labels on food packaging, highlighting why the current system may be failing in its objectives.

Revealed - The Truth About the Holy Grail (C5, 8pm)

The legend of the Holy Grail has taken many forms throughout history, but it has always identified the Grail as the cup Jesus drank from during the Last Supper.

However, the whereabouts of the cup has been a subject of intense speculation for centuries.

Back in 2011, Le-n University medieval history lecturer Margarita Torres and art historian JosŽ Manuel Ortega del Rio discovered two remarkable Arab parchments at Cairo’s University of al-Azhar that appeared to offer important new clues.

However, in Europe alone there are 200 supposed holy grails, so is the precious goblet in Le-n’s San Isidro basilica the real one? And if not can the mythical chalice ever be tracked down?