Industrial estate is Scotland’s windiest

Mayfield Industrial Estate
Mayfield Industrial Estate

Mayfield Industrial Estate is the windiest industrial estate in Scotland, according to a new survey carried out by a local renewables company.

The result forms part of a study by Midlothian firm Airborne to map commercial sites’ potential for wind energy generation.

Airborne is currently developing a new type of wind turbine suitable for use in urban locations. Development manager Neil MacTavish, said: “We wanted to see what the scale of the wind resource was in industrial estates, which is precisely the sort of location in which our product would operate best.

“Technically you can find windier places among the islands, like Unst and Yell in Shetland, and on the occasional promontory headland, but if you want to lose your hat in an urban location, Mayfield is the best place to start. The weather is really noticeable up there.”

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