Internet speeds ‘set to treble’

Top broadband speeds in Dalkeith are set to at least treble - with some homes and businesses set to see a ten-fold increase - according to new research.

Dalkeith is among 41 smaller UK towns which are to receive BT’s super-fast broadband by spring 2012, introducing speeds of up to 40Mbps.

Many BT customers will be offered the chance to upgrade to BT Infinity, the company’s fibre broadband service, for no extra monthly cost when the service becomes available.

Brendan Dick, BT’s director for Scotland, said: “Our research in towns that already have super-fast fibre broadband shows that 75 per cent of customers who have made the switch have seen their speeds increase by at least three times, and many have seen much bigger increases.

“Customers are telling us it has transformed their experience of the internet. For example, uploading your own 20-second video clip to YouTube takes 12 minutes on first generation broadband up to 8Mbps, and two minutes 30 seconds on super-fast BT Infinity, whilst downloading a 12-track album from iTunes takes three minutes compared to a super-fast time of just 36 seconds!”

More than 18,000 houses in or near Dalkeith should be able to access the service when it is introduced.

Welcoming the news, Midlothian MP David Hamilton (Lab) said: “The promise of high speed broadband will be great news for many homes and businesses across the town.

“Not only does it open up all sorts of entertainment and communications options for households, but more importantly opportunities for new and established businesses, large and small, to grow and develop.”