Invitation to dinner on table again


Friday Night Dinner (Channel 4, Friday, June 20, 10pm)

What’s It All About? It’s been 18 months since we last caught up with the Goodman family – and that’s an age in TV terms.

We thought that was it, they’d left our lives forever. But thankfully that’s not the case, because here they are, back for a new run of the sitcom, and we’re pleased to say they’re as eccentric and lovable as ever.

Whether Adam’s new girlfriend Emma will agree with that statement remains to be seen. Yes, at long last, he’s bringing a lady home to meet his parents and brother Jonny. However, as you may guess, the evening doesn’t go quite to plan.

Look Out For: Tamsin Greig. Although it’s truly an ensemble piece, it’s the 47-year-old actress who effortlessly manages to grab the spotlight – but then again, she is arguably the leading female light in British sitcom at the moment thanks to this show and the BBC2 hit Episodes.

Writer and producer Robert Popper says: “I’m so excited to be making a new series of Friday Night Dinner with such a fantastic cast once again. I really could not be happier. Well I could, if say, I’d taught crows how to speak and they, in turn, taught me how to fly...”