Irish eyes smile on tv programme


Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: The Luck of the Irish (Channel 4, Friday, August 30, 9pm)

What’s It All About? The My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series has fuelled such a nationwide curiosity about the travelling community that there have been umpteen documentaries focusing on it since.

And if you thought we were about due another, you’d be right; here’s the latest.

The programme meets Irish travellers from both sides of the Irish Sea, exploring the special bonds they share, and values that divide them.

It follows some of the biggest events in an Irish traveller’s life - from the massive weddings we’ve come to know and love and just as spectacular christenings, to the most important day of their year, St Patrick’s Day.

But while they’ll always have their differences, the programme shows that despite everything, travellers are united by an inherent desire to celebrate life.

What to Look Out For: Dressmaker Thelma Madine who features once more, only this time she’s travelling to Ireland for the wedding of Nan who’s ordered a 14-stone dress.

Madine Says: “I’m never shocked any more. I’ve had every request under the sun. It doesn’t shock me at all.”