Isla and Riley top list

RILEY and Isla were the top baby names in East Lothian in 2012, differing from the most popular names nationally.

New data from the National Records of Scotland revealed that the county welcomed 13 Rileys and 14 Islas this year, with those names coming third and sixth in the overall Scottish table. These names went against the national trend which has remained the same for five years, with Jack and Sophie maintaining top spot, but both came second in East Lothian with 10 Jacks and 11 Sophies born here in 2012.

The top local baby names otherwise matched up to the most popular names nationally, with only Noah, Leah and Charlotte from East Lothian’s 10 most popular not making the national top 20.

However, Grace was the joint third most popular baby name here, despite coming 17th on the national poll.

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