It’s all Go at famous Midlothian chapel

Rosslyn Chapel has welcomed Pokemon Go visitors
Rosslyn Chapel has welcomed Pokemon Go visitors

Some of Midlothian’s most historic sites have seen an increase in visitors due to the Pokémon Go craze which is sweeping the world.

The world-famous Rosslyn Chapel can attribute some of its rise in visitor numbers to the smartphone game.

Ian Gardner, Chapel Trust director, said: “It has been a good start to the year with visitor numbers between January and June up seven per cent on the same period last year.

“We have already seen a few visitors who have been encouraged to come through Pokémon Go – this certainly adds an unusual feature to their experience of the chapel grounds!”

However, he reminded players of the game that taking photographs within the chapel itself is prohibited.

Meanwhile, Midlothian East Councillor Kenny Young (Lab) has contacted the game’s creators to point out a Dalkeith error.

At Newbattle Cemetery the game mistakenly says the burial ground is home to graves from the “Commonwealth War”.

He explained: “If Pokémon helps encourage people to get out and about, then that can only be a good thing.

“However, it would be a shame if some silly errors in the game ended up misinforming users. I would have hoped that in relation to important bodies like the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the game’s creators might have done the smallest bit of fact checking to ensure respectful accuracy.

“I’ve raised this with them via Twitter, but have had no reply.”