It’s the perfect winter tonic


Benidorm (Friday, January 9, ITV, 9pm)

What’s It All About? As the rain beats against the window and the forecasters threaten debilitating snow once again, that annual trip to the sun seems a long, long away off.

So it’s great that we can always rely on this laugh-filled series to turn up in the schedules at just the right time with plenty of sun, sea and sangria to boot.

But with the launch of this seventh – yes, seventh – series, long-term fans should prepare themselves to say a fond farewell to the Garvey family, although it’s not all bad news, as there’s a great line-up of guest stars to keep an eye out for, including Denise Black, John Challis and Phillip Olivier.

In the first episode of the new run, the Garveys meet Buck A Roo, who reveals that a multimillion-pound inheritance is Madge’s for the taking, but the clan aren’t convinced.

Kenneth asks Psychic Sue, a customer at the hotel, to hold a séance so he can try to make contact with his mother.

But there are crossed wires when the message he receives appears to be from someone else.

And Clive vows to make the most of single life (and goodness only knows what that means).