Jo is loving life as a coach

A cancer survivor from Bonnyrigg is loving her new careers as a life coach, after a near death experience made her follow her dreams.

Friday, 30th March 2018, 4:19 pm
Jo Lee

Jo Lee (45) was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. After initially fighting it off, the illness retuned in 2016. She had to have her spleen removed and had a stem cell transplant as she again beat the illness.

After fighting for her life the former property business owner is now enjoying her new occupation.

She said: “It has been a rollercoaster journey. Last year was very much about recovery and my training to be a life coach. I graduated at the end of 2017. It would have taken six months but I started it before the cancer came back. So I have worked on it through the recovery.

“I have coached and mentored people in the past on a voluntary basis. It’s always something I have been passionate about. I thought ‘if I survive this I’m going to do that as a job’.

“I want to help people live the best possible life they can.”

Jo is now revelling in her new role helping others.

She said: “It’s brilliant. I’m working with different clients all with different goals.

“It’s quite a diverse group of people I can work with. It’s so rewarding. Just when you see the moment when their hope re-ignites again. It’s lovely for me to do something that’s so rewarding.

“It’s quite a privilege to work through these things with people. It’s just about giving them space to process what is right for them.

“It’s very much about looking at where you are right now and looking forward to where you want to be. And the steps you might need to overcome to get there.”

Jo spoke about the growing popularity of life coaches.

She said: “It works in a business context and it works in a personal context as well.

“There is becoming more of a demand. I think we are encouraged very much to take good care of ourselves.

“There is physical care and mental health care. So I think more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of a life coach.

“It’s just about raising awareness that life is very busy, you need space to process and to invest in yourself.

“Life can be really tough and it’s something we don’t always have space to talk about.

“Often life coaching is a space to say I’m here right now and I want to be. It’s about equipping someone with skills and coming out to ask themselves what they want to do.”

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