Jobs for the week

A poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) plant. PA Photo/JupiterImages Corporation.
A poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) plant. PA Photo/JupiterImages Corporation.

l If any of your pansies have the fungal disease pansy sickness, in which the whole plant turns yellow and dies off, dispose of the plants and the soil, if they are in pots, as the disease is carried in the soil.

l Prune birch and acers while they are dormant to stop the wounds bleeding sap and weakening the plant.

l Shred the prunings from ornamental plants and fruit trees and bushes. Use the shreddings as a mulch on flower beds.

l Bring bay trees grown in pots indoors or move them to a sheltered position if really cold weather is forecast.

l Continue to harvest Brussels sprouts, parsnips and leeks.

l Plan any landscaping jobs which you are going to undertake next year.

l If soil is workable, continue winter digging.

l Keep off the lawn when it’s frosty

l Fork over vacant ground to reduce the chance of pests.

l Check on stored fruit and veg, discarding any showing signs of rotting

l Prevent the pond from freezing over by floating a tennis ball on the surface or melting a hole by standing a hot saucepan on it for a few minutes, to allow an air hole for fish to breathe.