Jobs for the weekend

Argyranthemum 'Yellow Empire'
Argyranthemum 'Yellow Empire'

Sow seeds of summer bedding, herbs, lilies, trees, shrubs and some vegetables. Many will benefit from being started off under glass.

Place supports in position around border perennials that need staking, so the plants will grow through them and hide them.

Start removing sideshoots and pinching out tendrils if growing sweet peas on a cordon.

Hard prune shrubs, such as buddleia, that produce their best show on vigorous new wood.

Use brassica collars to protect cabbages and cauliflowers from cabbage root fly, and erect plastic screens in the vegetable garden to deter carrot fly.

Earth up early potatoes to protect them from light and frost.

Feed fish when they become active after the winter.

Begin to harden off young plants and overwintered cuttings.

Remove insulation from the greenhouse.

Apply spring fertilisers, weedkillers and mosskillers to established lawns.

Plant up herbs in containers.

Plant summer hanging baskets and windowboxes, but keep them under cover until all danger of frost has passed.