Jobs for the weekend

Alpine clematis
Alpine clematis

Cover summer brassicas and carrots with crop covers to stop flying pests.

Plant all hardy vegetables sown indoors when the weather is suitable, including garlic, onions and maincrop potatoes.

Prepare trenches for celery and runner beans by manuring a strip of ground for each.

Start dahlia tubers into growth in a warm greenhouse and take cuttings from those already producing shoots.

Repot houseplants and give them a couple of weeks in the greenhouse to convalesce.

Protect emerging hostas from slugs and snails.

Thin out autumn-sown annuals.

Firm in newly planted fruit trees and bushes after frost.

Sow herbs in a cold frame.

Continue to spike and scarify your lawn to improve drainage and remove thatch.

Thin early grapes growing in a heated greenhouse.