Jonathan game for charity challenge

Johnathan Henderson with freinds and family during his gameathon
Johnathan Henderson with freinds and family during his gameathon

A teacher from Bonnyrigg recently took on a gaming marathon in memory of his stillborn son, with a little help from family and friends.

Lasswade Primary School teacher Jonathan Henderson (34), completed a 26.2 hour “gameathon” to raise money for bereavement charity Sands, which helped him and his wife deal with the loss of their son Fraser, who was stillborn in March 2014.

During his charity challenge, which was streamed live online, Jonathan played 12 console games, including Just Dance with his fellow Lasswade teachers. Additional activities during the challenge included getting his legs waxed while singing karaoke, shaving his hair and beard and playing blindfolded.

He said: “The gameathon was a great success and the total has soared to more than £2,700 now. Getting my legs waxed while singing karaoke was a bit of a highlight – think ‘Wooo-aaaaaaah! We’re halfway there, aaaaaaaaaahh! Livin’ on a prayer!’

“I’d like to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone who supported me in watching, donating, sending me messages or coming along to help out.

“It certainly was an experience I’ll never forget and with such a great total raised it was an event which will end up helping a lot of people too.”

Jonathan recalled the support he received in 2014.

He said: “Two years ago during the home birth of Fraser, unfortunately things went wrong. There was a knot in the chord and everything went south pretty quickly.

“By the time we got to the hospital it was too late. Obviously, it was a pretty bad time for us.

“We had lots of support from friends, family and my school. The school was fantastic for sorting me out so I didn’t have to rush back.

“I would go up to the grave to find flowers left by teachers, and lots of kids made me cards. It was amazing being part of the community at that time. Sands were brilliant too. Their support was priceless for us.”

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