Just what are we Brits really like?


Very British Problems (Thursday, August 13, Channel 4, 9pm)

We’re a curious bunch us Brits, but evidently revel in our wonderful eccentricity, given the popularity of the Twitter account, Very British Problems (@SoVeryBritish).

So beloved is the feed, which includes a host of famous faces among its million-plus followers, that it has now been turned into a three-part TV series. Julie Walters provides the voice-over, while James Corden and Stephen Mangan pop up to share their experiences of being brilliantly bumbly and awkward while attempting to navigate a host of social situations and day-to-day scenarios.

To celebrate this landmark series, we take a look at some of the awkward, puzzling and cringe-inducing situations we often find ourselves in.

For the love of queueing – as Brits, we pride ourselves on our ability to queue without complaint. The tut rut – ah yes, the tut. Is any other nation more adept at this tiny but significant gesture?

Sorry, not sorry – apart from queueing, another area we excel at is apologising. We love saying sorry so much that we’ll apologise to inanimate objects. Chairs, tables, lamp-posts and doors are among the most common items! One not to be missed.