Kate rounds up the perfect show


Wild Shepherdess with Kate Humble (BBC Two, Friday, 9pm)

Two years ago, the star of Lambing Live bought a farm in Wales. Working with her own sheep, Kate Humble became fascinated by the bond between shepherd and flock.

In this new series, she explores this relationship in Afghanistan, Peru and Australia - and looks into the future of farming with animals.

First stop is Kabul, where Kate and her crew go through five security checks before taking a nerve-wracking charter flight to northern Afghanistan’s mountainous area.

After a two-day walk, she reaches the wild and remote Wakhan Corridor.

Kate and the film crew meet one of the world’s last traditional herding cultures.

The Wakhi people have lived in the valley where Kate landed for more than 2,000 years, and are utterly dependent on their animals for survival.

They live on the edge of existence, threatened by wolves, snow leopards and bears. The average life expectancy here is only 35.

Look Out For: That touching moment near the end when Kate says goodbye to a local woman who urges her to come back soon. It’s TV gold.

Kate says: “At times I would have done almost anything to have a hot bath.”